Sunday Worship: 

       9:00 a.m

Coffee Social: 

      10:00 a.m.

Sunday School:    

      10:30 a.m. during the school year

Office Hours:

Wednesdays from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.  Please call Jil.

Church Location & Address:

I-90 Exit 23.  901 Laurel Street, P.O. Box 305, Whitewood, SD  57793

Church Telephone: 


Church E-mail:

Additional #’s and E-Mails:


Presbytery of SD:  888-268-7673


Synod of Lakes & Prairies:

Presbyterian Church (USA):

Rimrock Camp & Pioneer Camp: If the case of death, emergency, or need, please contact one of our pastors.

Pastor Jil Jennewein 


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Our Mission

Our mission as a church family is to accept everyone as we are all students and teachers of the word of God.

Leadership Team

Our leadership team begins with Pastor Jil Jennewein. She guides the congregation in the study of the Bible and living a Christian life. Many other members of our church take part in different ways to help the church and the communities around it. You too can become a part of the services we provide.

Pastor Jil Jennewein

I am a native of South Dakota and the Black Hills. Graduate of Dakota Wesleyan University in Mitchell S.D. with a B.A. in Fine Arts Vocal Performance and my Master’s of Divinity Degree from Iliff School of Theology in Denver Colorado. I have adult twin sons who live in Rapid City, SD. I served in the United Methodist Church as an ordained clergy for 12 years and in 2000 began an Interim Ministry and Pulpit Supply in the UMC and United Church of Christ and Presbyterian Churches around S.D. I am a third generation Pastor. My Great-grandfather was a Circuit Rider for the UMC and my mom Lin Jennewein is a retired Pastor with the UMC. I have been to Palestine three times and lived there in 2012 while on a mission trip. I enjoy leading church groups on tours to the Holy Land. I enjoy music and singing (solo work). I enjoy sharing my healing ministry.

Good News Time for Kids!!!

Every Sunday morning church service brings a short, faith-based children’s story sharing God’s love. It is inspiring to all ages!

Children’s Church

Children’s church offers parents the opportunity to enjoy the pastor’s sermon without worrying about their child(ren)!  The children sit with their parents until the sermon – then they escape to a classroom to enjoy the sermon topic on their own level. The children will rejoin their parent(s) to enjoy the end of the service.

Presbyterian Women

The Ladies Aid Society, as it was first named, has played a very important part in the Whitewood Presbyterian Church since its origination in 1888.  The women are involved throughout the year by hosting potlucks and seasonal parties for the congregation, decorating for the holidays, preparing for funeral receptions,  and providing donations to our youth group, the Whitewood Food Pantry the Sturgis Crisis Intervention Center, and wherever else they deem necessary!  All Presbyterian women, young and old, are welcome!!

Session Members

Elders serving through January 2020 ~ Al Weatherbee, Claire O’Neil, Les Nelson, Mark Schmidt, Clerk of Session – Rita Weatherbee Treasurer ~ Les Nelson


Jerry Hardy, Dorothy Morford, Glenda Asher, and Mary Berger

Commissioner to Presbytery

Ron and Mary Berger

Worship Committee

Elaine Auer, Claire O’Neil, Mark Schmidt

Wedding and Funeral Committee

Mary Berger; Alice Nelson, Glenda Asher   **Also see ‘Ministries’ tab for more information